honour boards logo designed by streetwiseUK Honour Boards title shown as incised lettering into an oak veneer and finished in gold leaf This displays honor boards made to any size, shape or color

Bespoke Honour Boards
to Acknowledge Special Achievements, Merit & Distinction


There are no limitations to the shape, size or colour of honour board that you can have,
You can have any size, any shape, font style, framing or colour that you would like.

School Honours Boards

Sports Club Honours Boards

Local Government &
Town Council

This is an oak veneered honour board produced for Cathedral School in Cardiff Veneered and solid oak prizewinners board produced for Rishworth School A light oak Golf Captains honour board framed in solid oak Produced in silica acrylic with gold lettering this board records the names of town clerks in Yate since 1834
We produced seven captains honours boards for the Cathedral School in Llandaff, Cardiff. Each board lists the team captains of the seven different sports that the school competes in.
Please go to the school honour board section for examples displaying the names of
Head Boys and Head Girls

To the right of the Cathdral School board is Rishworth's School Butterworth prize for music board.
Photographs can be misleading, at 2200mm high, the Butterworth prizewinners board is nearly three times the height of the board produced for Cathedral School.
The Butterworth board has solid oak mouldings and lettering all shaped and cut by us in our Partridge Green workshop.
Waterton Park Golf Club in Wakefield, Yorkshire chose a light oak finish framed with solid oak timber and the names displayed in a dark chocolate brown. There were 10 boards in total, all of the same height but varying in width from 600mm to 2440mm. The largest can display the winners of eight different golf tournaments. Yate Town Council chose to display the names of past and present Town Clerks on a 10mm thick silica acrylic honours board. Silica acrylic is much like Perspex but simulates the look of glass more effectively than plain old clear acrylic. It's main advantage over glass is that it is much lighter and can be fixed to partition walls safely. This board is fixed to the wall with polished brass stand-off fixings.
No Limitations Notice

Choosing an Honours Board

Honour boards may have a bit of a stuffy reputation, dark and ancient with 100 year old names fading but in reality they often tell a tale of
a fascinating history and most importantly serve the function of encouragement in all aspects of work, endeavour and life.
To reflect this, we take great care and effort to produce honour boards that are special, distinctive and worthy of the names placed upon them.

There are no limitations to shape, size or colour of the honour board that you can have.
You can have any size, any shape, font style, framing or colour that you would like.

Everything that we produce is tailormade to your requirements, which means that you can ask us
to produce anything that you can think of and we should be able to manufacture it for you, however obscure.

Over to you. . . . All of the images shown here are just examples that may help you to assess your requirements.

In order to offer you any costs, suggestions and/or scale drawings we need a certain amount of information from you.
To find out what this is and how to get the ball rolling please click on this link to find out what information we need from you.

Company Honour Boards

& Societies

University Honours Boards

Selex Galileo commissioned this wave shaped honour board in golden oak to acknowledge excellence in mathematics Selex Galileo commissioned this wave shaped honour board in golden oak to acknowledge excellence in mathematics A portable honours board made from 10mm thick toughened glass and aluminium with gold lettering and logo Leicester University winners of the Dunlop Engineering Division prize
Selex Galileo chose a contemporary honour board design to encourage and acknowledge skills in mathematics at a school. Two aspects are recognised on the honours board; commitment and achievement. The board will also create awareness of Selex and the opportunities it may offer to aspiring young mathematicians.

ABOVE RIGHT. . . . This board is just one small way in which Oliver Bonas demonstrate their appreciation of long serving staff members. It's always rewarding to be acknowledged!
This portable honour board lists the Presidents of The Local Land Charges Institute. It is made from 10mm thick toughened glass which is held in an upright position by a heavy duty anodised aluminium base. Although the board is portable the 10mm X 1000mm X 700mm sheet of toughened glass weighs a lot, silica acrylic may have been a better choice for portability but glass is much more scratch resistant. Leicester University, Department of Chemistry ordered four boards to display the names of annual prizewinners of industry sponsored awards.
This three column board measures 1200mm high X 900mm wide, the other three boards are smaller 1000mm X 600mm wide and have enough space for two columns of names. Although the boards vary in dimensions, the size of the lettering used for the names is the same across all four displays.
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Armed Services &
Military Honour Boards

Logos, Badges, Crests &
Coats of Arms

Acknowledgement, Thanks & donor Boards

An apex shaped oak board produced for the Ministry of Defence to record the names of Chiefs of Staff of the Joint Medical Command The crests, logos and hand painted coat of arms used in the header sections of three honour boards A framed donors board made fron ash with a natural wood finish
Joint Medical Command chose an apex shape for two oak veneered honour boards to display the names of Commanding Officers.
We spent many hours redrawing the regimental crest to create a vector version which could be cut and reproduced at any size from 100mm high to 100 metres or could be coloured for print reproduction.
A larger version of the crest can be seen in the image on the immediate right.
An emblem, logo, badge, crest or coat of arms often features on an honour board and can be reproduced in many ways, amongst them are:
1. Dye Sublimation Prints We can print your design using dye sublimation which is a vastly superior method when compared to any other method in that the colours should not fade for 50 years or so.
2. Hand painted. This is usually the most expensive method as it takes a long time but is also the only method that offers even greater colour stability than dye sublimation printing. Colours should still be strong after 100 years.
3. Vector graphics Many types of logo that involve areas of flat colour can be produced by cutting self adhesive materials to the shape of your design using a vector file that you supply or we can produce from your image.
This framed donor board in ash was commissioned to acknowledge the names of people who have helped the Queen Alexandra Hospital Home maintain its services by donating legacies.

Rectors & Curates
The Church in Wales

Commemorative Plaques
& Crests

Racecourse Winners Board

Gold lettering records the names of rectors and curates since the 1300's for this church in Wales This image shows commemorative plaques and shield with gold lettering and coloured emblems horse racing winners name board near Glasgow, Scotland
This honours board in quarter cut oak veneer records the names of rectors and curates who have presided at this church in Wales for the last 800 years. The board was commissioned and donated to the church by an appreciative parishioner. Arnold House School were delighted that their pupils had won the "Kids' Lit Prize" in 2008 and recognised their achievement with this shield shaped plaque showing their names. It's all about encouragement.

The lower image shows a typical commemorative plaque of about A4 size.
The winners names of this annual horse race are recorded on this framed honours board. A lot of work goes into framing a curved shape, costs rise accordingly.

Annual Prize Winners
Medical & Institutions
Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

Types of Framing & Finishes

Fire Brigades, Police & Public Services

Close up of an oak moulding to cap a prize winners board produced for Heartland Hospital in Birmingham Four methods of framing your honours board Roll of honour at Eastbourne Fire Brigade and names of chief fire officers
An oak honour board with decorative top moulding shown here before any lettering was applied. Sometimes we can use standard mouldings, other times we have to produce them ourselves which can take a long time and increase the cost. This board had to match existing boards and the only way to produce a moulding of the matching size and shape was to make it in-house. The board with lettering can be seen in the enlargement if you click on the image. For more info on frames and framing of honours boards please click on the link or image above.
Top left
shows the honours board framed with a simple border line.

Top right
shows a board with a border line and a contrasting edge and margin colour.

Bottom left
A simple 30mm X 12mm oak architrave is used to form an elegant and traditional style frame.
The timber moulding is available to us off the shelf and is a relatively low cost option from your point of view.
More expensive? See below!

This board uses complex mouldings, all made by hand and not available off the shelf
which means the cost rises considerably.
This type of framing is typically used to produce a very traditional and substantial feel.
We produced a series of three boards for the East Sussex Fire Brigade headquarters based in Eastbourne. They all have a bevelled edge and are stained to a medium red mahogany colour.
The logos are produced by dye sublimation printing which are then hand cut with a scalpel and then adhered to the boards.

We have also produced boards for the West Midlands Police and HMP Stocken

Recent Projects:
Tideway Scullers Rowing Club, Chiswick West London. Name board in recognition of club members who achieve international sporting status or honours.

An oak honours board made for Tideway Scullers Rowing Club, naming club members who achieve international event status or honours

The Tideway Scullers are a long established rowing club situated on the River Thames in West London.

This board names athletes that have achieved international standards in their sport.
It measures 2400mm wide and is 1220mm high to the top of the apex shape containing the club logo.
There are three primary methods used to fix an honours board to a wall, this board utilises a hanger or suspension bar method.
It's main appeal as a system is that there are no visible fixings, the system also has the advantage of being very strong and able to support a lot of weight.
A disadvantage of this fixing system is that it is relatively complex to produce compared to other methods and accordingly increases the overall cost of an honours board,
but as I'm sure you know, if you want the best, you have to pay for it!

Six oak panels to display the school crest, dux of the school, head pupils and sporting champions since 1924 at Jordan Hill School, Glasgow

Six oak panels to display Dux of the school, head pupils and sporting champions since 1924 at Jordan Hill School in Glasgow
Five oak panels to display Dux of the school, head pupils and sporting champions since 1924 at Jordan Hill School in Glasgow.
Each of the five main panels is 2220mm high and together they span nearly ten metres. In a separate panel the school crest is produced in relief approx 450mm square.
Produced and delivered on time against a tight deadline as the new school year in Scotland is about two weeks ahead of the English year.
The panels were finished with a 55% reflective finish to aid legibility.
We provided Jordan Hill School with five oak samples, each showing different qualities of finish in their chosen colour.
This may sound like gobbledygook ( jargon ) but it's important to consider this aspect of honours boards if they are to function at their best. The samples that we produced ranged from near matt finish at 20% gloss to near full gloss of 90%.
Intermediate gloss finishes of 40, 55, 70 percent were also provided. All were large enough to be viewed at a distance sufficient enough to establish
the contrasting reflective values of the lettering against the background.

Masonic Honours Boards

  An ornate refurbished masonic honours board to present the names of past and current lodge masters  
  This Masononic honour board lists the founders of Sawbridgeworth Lodge and its past and present masters. The board is made from a combination of veneered mahogany panels and solid mahogany mouldings.
The board was originally produced in the 1950's and had no space left for new names. Our job was to remove all lettering, re-finish the board and apply new lettering slightly smaller that would allow space for new names for the next 30 years or so.
We produce new reproduction boards like this in any timber that you choose.
Other boards, produced from scratch and in a simlar style are shown in this section.

encouragement, acknowledgement and recognition of merit by naming on an honours board from honourboards.co.uk